You can call me Eri, I am an illustrator mostly known for my 2000's anime art style.Please read the terms of service before ordering.On this site, you can find my prices (with examples) and my google form.To contact me, you can message my instagram or twitter, @ponymoe or email me at [email protected].

Terms Of Service

will draw and won't drawwill draw
- gore
- furry art
- pony art
- ocs, official characters
- ship art
- real people, in my style of course.
won't draw
- nsfw
- masculine characters (they don't suit my style)
- any art to do with s*lf harm/ suicide.
general tos- payment is via paypal only in GBP, if you are paying in a different currency please make sure it converts to the full amount owed in GBP.- all illustration commissions should take me 1-4 weeks, depending on the detail and size, in some cases they may take longer. I will inform you if your drawing is delayed.- For Live2d/Vtuber model art, it will take me up to 3 months to finish depending on the detail. (Live2D model art commissions are currently unavailable at the moment, they will be available soon.)- If you plan on using my art for commercial use, (any use that could generate income) please contact me and discuss it with me, include it in the form that you will be using my art for commercial use. Your price will be increased by no less than 30% if used for commercial use.- I have the right to decline commission requests.- I do not draw NSFW art, I will draw suggestive art eg. revealing clothing, suggestive poses etc, but I will not draw any suggestive interactions between characters or any nudity.- Do not take any sort of credit for my art, you cannot claim it as your own. When using it for personal use online eg. posting it, using it as a pfp / banner, please credit me.- When purchasing my art for personal use, you may do what you like with it, but if not previously discussed, you may not use it for any sort of commercial art or generate copies of it for profit, you can print your commission for personal use.- After payment, I take the FULL payment before starting the drawing you may only request a partial refund if the sketch is incomplete, once the sketch is complete I will not give any sort of refund under all circumstances.- I will send you the sketch once it is complete to check if you would like any changes, feel free to request whatever needs changing, however I will not redraw the full sketch.- If there is any sort of delay I will contact you about it.- I will send you an update on the drawing once the line art and base colours are complete so that you can have a clear picture of what your drawing will look like. I will not accept any detail changes at this point of the process, I will accept colour change requests.:・゚✧:・゚✧What my work process looks likeI start with the sketch, as I mentioned earlier I will send you the completed sketch for change requests.
After agreeing on the sketch, I start on the line art and base colours, at this point I will send an update. I then start on the shading and rendering and finally add some touch ups. Once the drawing is completed, I will send it to you in PNG or JPG format, with one background version and one clear PNG version.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on instagram @ponmyoe, or email me on [email protected]

✧・゚: ✧・゚: prices✧・゚: ✧・゚:

please keep in mind the examples may be old artworks, they will not fully reflect the quality of the artwork you will recieve. Dates are displayed so you can see how old a piece is.


Bust£15 + colouring pricehead and shoulders, and depending on the pose, hands. In any pose you would like.- Can be any colouring option.
- Can include a simple background, no detailed backgrounds.

6th Feburary, 2023

Half-body£25 + colouring priceHead down to waist / hips, in any pose.- Can be any colouring option.
- Can include a simple background and detailed backgrounds.

13th December, 2022

Full-body£40 + colouring priceAll of the body, in any pose you like.- Can be any colouring option.
- Can include a simple background and detailed backgrounds.

9th November, 2022

colouring options

Flat colours+ £2Flat colours with no shading / rendering.- Can have simple gradients.
- Can have simple backgrounds, no detailed backgrounds.

26th March, 2023

Basic colouring+ £20Shaded colouring, no detailed rendering.- Can have gradients
- Can have simple backgrounds and detailed backgrounds.

19th August, 2022

Fully rendered+ £40fully rendered colouring and shading- Full detail
- Can have simple backgrounds and detailed backgrounds.

2nd July, 2023

add ons!Extra characters:- one extra character, + 40%
- for 3 characters in total, the price will be raised by 60%.
Gore:- soft gore eg. blood, small injuries + £5
- extreme gore, + £15
Items:- small items eg. plushies, food + £5
- medium items eg. weapons, bags, animals + £10
- large items eg. sofas, desks, chairs + £20
Backgrounds:- Background scene +£80 - £150 depending on the detail.
- Simple background eg. gradient and some patterns, + £5
(background examples can be found on my form on order.)